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About Us


Since 2010, Platinum Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (PHS), a New York-based solutions firm, has been responsive to calls to deliver solutions to health-related organizations. Our menu of services is led by qualified professionals and includes healthcare staffing and recruiting, customized training programs, and managing healthcare projects to improve quality and process.


Although based in New York, PHS's services have spanned several states and avail to clients globally. In every endeavor, we are steadfast in commitment to our values for excellence, innovation, dependability, and service, which are at the core of building meaningful partnerships with our clients.



In so doing, we are lock-step with clients helping to develop their teams by availing superbly qualified and talented professionals, offering exceptional training and education programs, and managing performance improvement projects. We are as comfortable working with public health agencies such as hospitals and health departments as we are with provisioning to private-sector organizations like universities, health programs, homecare agencies, nursing homes, and other healthcare institutes.


During this unprecedented time of the COVID-19 pandemic, PHS is rising to the occasion to help ensure community safety by offering COVID-19 testing, thus demonstrating what it is to pivot. Adding the Concierge COVID-19 Testing solution to our menu has been a win-win. It rewards us as health professionals doing our part to ensure the well-being of others, and our clients benefit from the ease of this new amenity.



Our Team:

We are comprised of licensed and certified professionals in nursing, healthcare operations, quality management, curriculum development, education, and recruitment. With exceptional professional talent and more than half a century of experience collectively, the team at PHS serves as a tool and resource in the ever-changing healthcare landscape.  Armed with our vision, mission, and values, we connect to form strong bonds with our clients and foster unparalleled partnerships.



Our CEO:

Sherlon McKenzie, RN, MPA, PMP, is a Registered Nurse with a wealth of experience in healthcare. Expertise in quality management and commitment to healthcare compliance spawned the birth of PHS. Growing the firm from boutique consulting services and project management to including education and staffing creates a larger platform for Sherlon to lead PHS in making its mark in healthcare. Her goal is to improve the quality of care and service through project management, education, and fostering connections between passionate health professionals and exciting career opportunities.

Learn more about Sherlon here.


O ur Vision:

Transformatieve oplossingen bieden aan zorgorganisaties wereldwijd.

Onze missie:

Zorgorganisaties in staat stellen om door middel van maatwerkoplossingen optimaal te presteren.

Onze waarden :

uitmuntendheid -   Een inzet en passie voor uitmuntende prestaties.

Innovatie- Een verbintenis om creativiteit te gebruiken om het onwaarschijnlijke mogelijk te maken.

Betrouwbaarheid - Een toewijding om betrouwbaar te zijn en een waardevol lid van een robuust team.

Dienst -   Een verbintenis om de consumentenervaring te verbeteren door middel van op kwaliteit gerichte programma's.

We work hard to ensure our clients build and maintain the amazing reputations they deserve.

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